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Welcome to Miss Miller's Second Grade Website!  Feel free to sign the guest book at the bottom of this page.
St. Thomas Parents should access the St. Thomas Site for the most current, up-to-date school information.

Updates for 2013 - 2014 are always underway!
Religion:  We use the Blessed Are We Religion Series. Topics include:  Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist

Language Arts: We use Pearson's Reading Street which is the same series used last year in grade 1. The textbook is available online; passwords will be sent home in September.  Students are also taught using a variety of fiction and informational text. Students are daily given opportunities to read independently and with others.

Writing:  Grades K-5 will be a new Common Core Workshop curriculum:  Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing.

Spelling:  Students are taught a variety of strategies to help them spell while writing.  It should not be expected that a second grader will spell 100% in their daily writing. We do have regular formal spelling tests in 2nd grade.  Weeks we have a spelling test 2 lists of words are written on the weekly homework sheet.  Both lists have words which follow that week's spelling pattern, but the lists vary in difficulty.  Parents should help their children choose which list best fits their spelling ability.  An online program called Spelling City is available for home and school practice and includes dictation and educational games using the week's list words.  Passwords will be sent home in September.

Math: Grades K-5 are using Pearson's Envisions Common Core to teach mathematics this year.  In 2nd grade we don't have a "textbook" for math. We use the Promethean board to view the online lessons; student lesson sheets are passed out as needed.  Hands-on practice occurs prior to written independent work.  Students and families may access Envisions online; passwords are sent home in September.  Students should not "work ahead" on the lesson sheets at home; the sheets are intended to be used during or after the teacher-led lesson.  Math assignments student may complete are listed on their sign-in page.

It is expected that students will master addition and subtraction facts during the first months of second grade.  While we do some practice in school, home practice is critical.  Both in school and at home timed tests, flashcards, online games are ways of practicing.  Students will be given passwords for XtraMath (just math facts) and IXL Math (all 2nd grade topics) and their progress will be tracked; home use of these two programs is welcome as long as the student is answering questions independently. (Parent guidance with directions is certainly encouraged and welcome.)
For Standards see Math Curriculum page.

Science:   Topics include Life, Physical, and Earth Science.  We have the Scott Foresman Science textbook as one reference for information. Scholastic News, National Geographic Explorer Magazine, Teacher-Selected Websites, and a variety of informative text are other references.  Hands-on learning is emphasized.  

Health: We'll begin in September with a study of
nutritious morning snacks.

Social Studies: In September we begin our Yearlong study of Communities and participation in a Travel Buddies Project.  We use Social Studies Weekly (looks like Scholastic News), a Scott Foresman Social Studies textbook, National Geographic Explorer Magazine and other informative text and Teacher-Selected Websites. 

We collect postcards from different states and countries. It's a great way to learn geography!

Technology Class:Miss Miller and Mr. Van Vliet co-teach a weekly lesson to our class either in the Media Center or the 2nd Grade classroom.  Throughout each week technology will be incorporated into 2nd grade lessons.  We have 5 computers in our classroom and borrow additional laptops or tablets as needed for use.

Visit our Wild Things page to see the wild things created with Microsoft Paint by a former 2nd grade for an online project we joined.  This year's second grade will participate in different projects.

One year Second grade worked on a blog.  The current second graders will explore a variety of media as well. http://missmillers2ndgrade.blogspot.com/

This year students will access Education City in both the classroom and the computer lab. (not available at home)

To practice typing, check out this website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing

Former second graders enjoyed using:  http://www.freerice.com
You answer vocabulary or math questions and earn FREE RICE for the hungry while exercising your brain!  Try it today!

Math practice (passwords sent home)
http://xtramath.org - The program starts all 2nd graders off with addition facts.  The program moves the student to subtraction facts once addition are mastered.

http://www.ixl.com    Students should choose to either review first grade topics and choose the current topic being studied in 2nd grade.  Students shouldn't jump ahead to third grade or higher without teacher recommendation.

Pearson is the publisher of our textbooks (password sent home).
Families may view/use:
*Reading Street and online assignments including some   
leveled readers (teacher choice - if you want additional     
listed, just e-mail me)
*Science Textbook with a few activities
*Social Studies Textbook
*Envision Math and online assignments

Special Projects:
Second grade will be involved with some special projects connecting classrooms together.  You may visit the links below for more information. 

September - May:  This year our stuffed animal will travel to 7 USA classrooms.  Miss Miller is currently searching for  international hosts as well.   In the past we've partnered with schools in Canada, Australia, Scotland and Egypt.

September:  We will join hundreds of classrooms around the USA and the world for JenuineTech's O.R.E.O. XV (Our Really Exciting Online Project).  Students  stack Nabisco's OREO cookies.  It's great fun and a wonderful opportunity to practice estimation, counting, and graphing.

October:   Throughout the year Miss Miller will also share international postcards that she receives through Postcrossings. 

Themes We Might Study:
We will learn songs to help us learn the names of the continents and oceans.

Subjects We Study in School:
Moving on to Third
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