Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are Project
- Where the Wild Things Went
October 2009
Idea #1:  Ten sentences that expand the story
St. Thomas the Apostle posted here and also our on our blog:

Here are the pictures we created using Microsoft Paint

Maeve, Tony and Kailee – Changed the verbs

The night Max wears his wolf suit and makes mischief of one kind and another his mother calls him Wild Thing! And Max says, I’ll
eat you up! so she sends him to bed without eating anything.
That very night in Max’s room a forest grows and grows until his ceiling hangs with vines and his walls become the world all around and an ocean tumbles by with a private boat just for Max and he sails off through night and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year to where the wild things are. They are roaring their terrible roars and roll their eyes and show their terrible claws till Max says Be Still! and he tames them with a magic trick of staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once and they are frightened and call him the most wild thing of all and make him king of all wild things. And now cries Max let the wild rumpus start! Now stop! Max says and he sends them to bed without their supper. And Max king of all wild things is lonely and wants to be where someone loves him best of all.  Then all around from far across the world he smells good things to eat so he gives up being king of where the wild things are.  But the wild things cry Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!  And Max says No!  The wild things roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth and they roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible claws but Max steps into his private boar and waves good-bye and he sails back over a year and in and out of weeks and through a day and into the night of his very own room where he finds his supper waiting for him and it is still hot.

Some students answered the question:  What happened next?

Aidan and Cameron Wrote:
When he got home he went downstairs and kissed his mom goodnight and said he was sorry.  Then he went back upstairs to eat his dinner and go to bed.  When he woke up he had breakfast and went to school.  When he got to school he played Legos and his best friend did too.  Then he read a book.  It was called Where the Wild Things Are.  It started to rain so he had inside recess.  Then he went into his classroom and did schoolwork.  After he did that he went home.  He did homework.

Carolyn and Lily - What happens next?
. . . where he found his supper waiting for he and it was still hot.
And that very night he had a dream about the wild things.
A monster said what are you doing here?
I am trying to find my way home.
Then the monster said . . . We don't allow people here, we only allow monsters here.
What is your name?
My name is Max.
You are on the V.I.P. list for the party.
Cool! said Max.
And then the monster ate him.
But it was all just a dream!

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Anna - What happened next?
When Max got home he ate his dinner and played King of the Forest. He jumped around and made a lot of noise. His mom said can you be more quiet, please? Ok, Max said. Then he went to bed. In the morning he put on his fox costume and had fun. His mom put him to bed because he was making so much noise. It was just a dream.