Turkeys in Disguise!
My name is Tom the Turkey
and I'm as scared as can be.
I'm wearing a disguise
so you won't eat me!

J 3
I am not a turkey.  I am a second grade boy.  I am really a turkey, though.  I am not going to go to Thanksgiving because I will be going to First Holy Communion.  If someone catches me taking off my costume, I will run away!
J 9
I'm not a turkey.  PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!  I am a Christmas angel.  I am going on top of the Jira's Christmas tree.
M 20
I have yellow, blue, pink, green and orange dots on my shirt.  There is a W in the middle of my shirt with stars around it.  I can fly and I am very strong.  I will not be at Thanksgiving because I will be saving the world.  I am Wonder Woman!
M 1 
I am a hula dancer.  I am wearing a grass skirt, and a coconut tips, and a flower lei.  I am also wearing a long, black wig and a flower in my hair.  I am going to Hawaii on an airplane.
G  13
I am NOT a turkey.  I am a ballerina.  I dance and swirl around in my dance class.  I like to dance.  It is fun.  Sorry I can't come for Thanksgiving because I have to dance in my dance class!
K 12
I will not go to Thanksgiving I will be in the White House all year.  I am the President Elect.  I was born in the state of Hawaii and I was the Senator from the state of Illinois for two years.  My name is Barack Obama.  Yes we can!!!!
J 17
Meow, Meow!  Can you guess what I am?  You guessed it!  I am a cat.  I am really a turkey.  Don't tell the hunters or you will never see me again!
J 4
Hi!  I am Big Ben.  I am NOT a turkey.  I am a soccer player.  I am cancelling Thanksgiving unless you want a chicken because those birds do not know how to play soccer!
A 5
I am not a turkey.  I am Santa.  I'm sorry I can't go to your Thanksgiving feast.  I'm too busy giving presents to children.
J 14
How can I be a turkey if I have a green shirt, blue pants and red socks on?  I like Miley Cyrus and I like to watch Hannah Montana on TV.  I like to eat pizza and ride my bike really fast down the road!
Sh 22
I am a good hitter.  My name is   T-rod.  I am a good pitcher and catcher.  I am good at out-field and I catch a lot of balls.  I love baseball and school
S 7
Gobble, gobble, gobble!  I'm Bear.  I'm actually a turkey but don't tell any hunters that.  I'm in disguise as the family dog.  I'm a terrior mix, 15 week old puppy.  I am black, brown and white.  Happy Thanksgiving!
E 19
Hi!  I am NOT a turkey.  I am a Pilgrim. A girl pilgrim.  I will make it, I bet.  Emiko put a bonnet, a mask, shoes, and a wig on me.  You'll never eat me because I'm a Pilgrim.
A 15
I am not a turkey!  Instead I am a hockey player.  My name is Turk.  My number is five.  My shirt is red.  It matches my helmet.  My skates are black with shiney blades.  The gloves are black and keep me warm.  Hockey is my favorite sport.
M 2
Sorry I can't be at Thanksgiving.  I will be boxing Rocky Balboa.  I better not forget my mouth guard.  My name is Steelix.  I will win.  I won 500 fights and lost 0 fights.  I am 39 years old and I weigh 300.  I am a world champion.
J 6
I'm not a turkey.  I'm a soccer player, but I have some cool stuff on my beak.  I have a colored orange beak, and it's smooth on the outside.
J 8
I am a half football half baseball player but HOW CAN I BE A TURKEY LOOKING LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!  I am the quarterback and captain in baseball.  I am the best player in the world for both of them.  GO GIANTS!  GO YANKEES!
P 10
I am not a turkey.  I am a policeman.  I can't come to Thanksgiving feast because I have to find someone who is lost.and arrest people.  Enjoy the mashed potatoes and carrots and cranberry sauce.
A 11
I am NOT a turkey!  I do not have a beak.  I am not brown.  I do not have feathers or wings.  I do not have a wishbone or juicy skin.  I am not YUMMY!  I have a beard and boots.  I have a red coat, hat and gloves.  I live at the North Pole.  I am not a turkey!  I am Santa Claus.
E 18
I will not be at Thanksgiving because I will be at the beach tanning in the sun.  I will be jumping in the waves.
H 21
My turkey is an Indian and a football player.  He is on the Giants.  He's a very good player.  He can catch and score a touchdown.  His number is 10       Eli Manning.
J 23
I am not a turkey.  I am a leprachaun.  If you catch me I will give you gold diamonds and rubies.  You can not eat me because if you do I can not give you any more money.
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