This page was last updated: November 26, 2016
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Online Sites for 2nd Grade Students
Math Cats - This site has a variety of open-ended math explorations.  Second graders should try Math Cats Explore and Math Cats love MicroWorlds.

Math Superstars is a math enrichment program sponsored by the Curlew Creek PTA.     Students can print enrichment questions.

AAAKnow has hundreds of pages of interactive practice and math lessons. It is free and the web address is

Funbrain has a variety of games for many subject areas including math.

Rainforest Maths has a variety of activities and information about varied math topics.  Second graders should start with level C and move up or down a level if too easy or too hard.
All Math K-3
The link below is for a list of activities for all second grade math topics
An adult may need to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you want to print worksheets?  The link below has free worksheets.

Jefferson County - All Math K-3

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Practice math facts with flashcards

Time Telling Sites
Create a Clock

An Online Time Story
(It will still work even if you DON'T install the special characters.)

Set the time to the Hour and Minute

Match the Digital to the Analog time

Telling Time Board Game

Money Sites

U.S. Mint Page for Children - games, cartoons, news, international coins

Fraction Sites

Graphing Sites

Geometry Sites

Geometry Explanations and Definitions

Interactive Thermometer

Websites created by Textbook Publishers for Children

Harcourt Math 2002 is the textbook we use in school.
If you need the author's name as a password - Andrews

Houghton Mifflin Education Place