Second Grade
Flat Person Exchange
Flat Stanley is a book written by Jeff Brown.  In this book Stanley Lambchop is sleeping in his bed one night when a bulletin board falls on him and he becomes flat!  He has many adventures in the book including being able to be mailed to friends in California.

Participants in the Flat Stanley project make flat people and mail them to other classrooms around the United States and world.  The flat people return with entries in their journals about the "adventures" in the other school and possibly a souvenier.

We also write stories about how WE became flat.  We publish some of them.
Travel Log 2007-2008
Visitors to St. Thomas the Apostle
November 8 - 23
Flat Cam from Miss Billetz's Second Grade
Waynesburg Elementary
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

  He spentThanksgiving    He was an excellent
  at Miss Miller's house!          dinner guest!

November 24 - December 5
Flat Andrew from Mrs. Tavarez's
Second Grade
Corpus Christi Elementary
Houston, Texas
  Flat Andrew was veryFlat Andrew helped  
  helpful at our Morning                                                                                    us graph our Canned
  Meeting time.                                                                                               Food Drive.

Travel Log 2006-2007
Where did our Flat People Visit?

May 7 - June
Flat Ann-Marie visited
Mrs. Treadway's Third Grade at Gilbert School in
Buena Park, California

          May 8 - June 8     May 8 - May 29
Flat Morgan visited           Flat Kaitlyn was mailed to
Mrs. Gilmour's Second Grade    Ms. Winters Classroom at
Johnson Elementary School      Sherman Elementary School
Cherry Hill, New Jersey       Henrietta, New York

         May 8 - May 25May 8 - June 19
Flat Madeleine visited        Flat Kyle was mailed to
Garett Francisco whose Mother Ms. Schriever's Third Grade
teaches first grade in     Kramer Elementary
Seattle, Washington             Oxford, Ohio
         May 8 - June 5 May 8 - June 11
Flat Liliya visited                Flat Charlie went to
Ms. Wetschka's Class      Ms. Johnston's Third Grade
Saint Wenceslaus School Barnes Elementary
New Prague, Minnesota   Owasso, Oklahoma

  May 9 - June 1                             May 9 - June 5                
Flat Bridgit visited      Flat Caitlin went to
Ms. Dietz's 2nd Grade      Ms. Hall's 2nd grade           
Southwood Elementary          Elm Grove Elementary      
Orlando, Florida          Kingwood, Texas               

May 9 - May 30
Flat Jackie, Flat Danny, Flat Mariah
went on an adventure together to
Ms. Walter's Classroom which is in Skyline Elementary
Pratt, Kansas

2005-2006 Travel Log
Our Visitors:
October - November
Flat Ramon and Flat Juan from Carver Elementary, Long Beach, California

Flat Carly and Flat Bryan from Bradt Elementary, Schenectady, New York

Flat Person from Pleasant Valley Colony, Flandreau Elementary, South Dakota

Flat Connor from Elmhurst Elementary, Tacoma, Washington

April 28 - May 12
Flat Matt and Flat Ben - St. Martin of Tours Parish School, Franklin, Wisconsin

May 15 - 19
Flat Noah and Flat John from Florida

Our Travels:
   Mailed March 7 - Returned to St. Thomas March 24
Flat John and Flat CourtneyBradt Elementary, Grade 2Schenectady, N.Y.

March 20 - April 5
Flat American   Carver Elementary, Grade 2Long Beach, California

March 20 - April 8
Flat Jennifer   C.C. Ronnow Elementary    Las Vegas, Nevada

March 20 - April 10
Flat Andrea     Bishop Leonard School    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

March 20 - April 11
Flat Madison and Flat Michael - Choconut Valley Elementary, 
Friendsville, Pennsylvania

March 20 - April 11
Flat Matthew   Denali Christian School  Big Lake, Alaska

March 20 - April 12
Ben   OU BOCES/Warwick SatelliteGoshen, New York

March 20 - April 21
Flat Nicholas   Waianae ElementaryWaianae, Hawaii

March 21 - May 3
Flat Basia visited Miss Miller's sister Colorado, Mexico, Canada,

April 10 - May 1
Flat David   Crisman Elementary Portage, Indiana

April 24 - May 16
Flat Sarah and Flat NedSt. Martin of Tours Parish School, Franklin, Wisconsin

May 23 - June 13
Flat Michael joined the National Guard!  He went to Germany with Mrs. Gecewicz’s brother for training.

Some of us went on such a long trip that Miss Miller can't find us.  We never arrived at our destination.  This has never happened to Miss Miller before.  No one will visit these schools again!

March 20
Flat Brennan - Pleasant Valley Colony Flandreau, South Dakota

March 20
Flat Connor, Flat Lindsay, Flat Molly
St. Michael Parish School, Grade 2Wheaton, Illinois

March 20
Flat Eamonn - Elmhurst Elementary Tacoma, Washington

March 20
Flat Paul - St. Mary's Star of the SeaBayonne, New Jersey

March 24
Flat Justin - Central Elementary Duncanville, Texas

March 24
Flat Anthony - Garfield Elementary Medina, Ohio

April 10
Flat Natalie - Daly School Hamilton, Montana

April 10
Flat Shayla - William Paca Elementary Abington, Maryland

Helpful Things for Schools that Want to Do their own Flat Project!

St. Thomas Papers Used:
Flat Journal - full page
Flat Journal - half page
Sample Journal Introduction
Sample Letter to Hosts
Sample Poem from Other School
My e-mail to volunteer teachers

Previous Miller Class Projects

Dale Hubert's Flat Stanley Project - this is THE place to make national and international contacts.

Lesson Plans for Teaching with Flat Stanley
Curriculum Connection Activities:
• Study Geography using a “Where in the World is Stanley” theme.
• Choose any content area theme and make it “Flat Stanley Investigates…”
• Study the White House using the Flat Stanley visit as
a springboard. Web address:
• Do body measurement comparisons. Measure student
body measurements and compare them to Stanley’s
measurements in chapter 1.
• Investigate Homonyms. (Hey-Hay from chapter 1)
• Read Shel Silverstein's poem "One Inch Tall" and compose own versions.
Word study lessons

• Classes could also read  Mailing May by Michael O'Tunnell  1997
Set in 1914 and based on a true incident, May's adventure is told
in the first-person language of a rural child. May badly wants to
visit her grandmother who lives seventy-five miles away on the
other side of the Idaho mountains. When her parents tell her
that they can't afford a train ticket, May is crushed. Her parents decide to mail their disappointed chick to her grandmother as just that-a baby chick. The pictures are humor tinged and lovely, and the prose is spot-on.

Many links for the Flat Theme:

Jeff Brown - Teacher Resource File - author background and links

Edhelper has a Literature Unit Available

From the Yahoo Second Grade Teachers Group
Lisa:  My favorite website is
for Flat Stanley. They have a sample letter to download and you can just type in your school info. They also have a great Flat Stanley outline that can be decorated by the people who receive him in the mail.
Teaching Ideas for Using Flat Stanley
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Travel Log
Visitors to St. Thomas:  2008-2009
September 2008 was a very busy month in Miss Miller's 2nd grade class.  Three different schools sent Flat People to us!

September 17 - October 11
Flat Brittany, Flat Cody, Flat Alova, Flat Brittany, Flat Isaiah
came from Mrs. Hockert's 2nd Grade
McConnell Elementary School
Hixson, Tennessee

September 17 - October 11
Flat Mario from Mrs. Betty Jackson's 2nd Grade
Sierra Elementary
Alamogordo, New Mexico

September 24 - October 11
Flat Kathryn from Ms. Dolkiewicz 2nd Grade
St. Martin of Tours School
Franklin, Wisconsin

April/May 2009 Visitors to St. Thomas
April 3 - May 20
Mrs. Lawlor's Class - Morning Glory P.S.
Ontario, Canada

Flat Laniah
Mrs. Grulich's Class - Henry Ford Elementary
Redwood, California

Our Flat People Travel to Other Schools
Spring 2009

Flat Julia   May 15 - ?
Mrs. Singsank’s Grade Two class
Saint Mary School
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

5/21/09  Flat Julia arrived after the class had already  Flat Julia was amazed by the gone home. She helped Mrs. S. grade reading tests.                   taranchula on Mrs. Singsank's desk.

Flat Harry   May 15 - ? Flat Morgan   May 15 - ?
Mrs. Ronqullo’s Second Grade                                   Mrs. Anderson's Class
St. Thomas Apostle School                                         Bradley Creek Elementary
San Francisco, California                                            Wilmington, North Carolina

Flat Juliana   May 15 - ?                                              Flat Emiko     May 15 - ?      
Mrs. Baker's Second Grade                                         Mrs. Bergland's 2nd Grade
St. Patrick School                                                       Crossroads Christian School
Lufkin, Texas                                                              Portland, Oregon

Flat Kate   May 15 - ?                                                 Flat Julie       May15 - ?
Mrs. Young’s Second Grade                                       Mrs. McFall's Class
Noble Academy                                                          Robinson Elementary
Columbus, Ohio                                                          Fresno, California

Flat Madeline   May 15 - ?                                          Flat Michael
Mrs. Smith’s Second Grade                                       Mrs. Dykman's 2nd Grade
Big Springs Elementary                                             Woodward Academy
Simi Valley, California                                              Detroit, Michigan

Flat Emily   May 15 - ?      
Mrs. Boelman, Retired Kindergarten Teacher
Coralville, Iowa
First Eucharist Communicants
April Bulletin Board in the Hallway
2nd Grade Door