Links For Students:
Berwick Academy First Grade, South Berwick, Maine
They created a picture biography of Lincoln.

Loogootee Elementary - First Grade Project Page
Links to many different pages

Enchanted Learning - Information about Lincoln

Enchanted Learning - Printable book about Lincoln (easy)

Enchanted Learning - Printable book about Lincoln (fluent reader)

Songs about Presidents

Directions for Scholastic printable timeline
Printable hat from
Printable Timeline from

Ellen Jackson wrote a book called Abraham Lincoln Loved Animals 
Here's her site:

February 2009
Happy 200th Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

It was also the 100th year of the Lincoln Cent!

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For Adults:
Abraham Lincoln's Classroom - is sponsored by The Lincoln Institute and The Lehrman Institute.

Coin News Article about the New Images

Lincoln Bicenttennial Website

Lincoln Memorial National Park

Reach Every Child - This site contains links to a variety of resources for students and teachers.   The list includes things for a variety of grade and reading levels.

The History Channel Resources

St. Thomas Second Graders  joined the 2009 Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln project sponsored by JenuineTech Projects & Jennifer Wagner.

This project consisted of 4 parts:
- Birthday cards sent to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
- A Podcast/Voice thread (St. Thomas 2nd graders did not try this)
- A journal of facts about Abraham Lincoln created by 2nd grade
- An activity involving estimating and counting pennies
Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln project

2009 Student Work

Images for the 2009 Lincoln Cents

Links for Students

Science Experiments

Daily Story of Lincoln (interest level: older)

You Tube - History of Lincoln Cent

You Tube - List of All of the Presidents

Links for Adults

2009 Station Directions

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Program
New Lincoln cents will depict highlights of Lincoln's life on the reverse sides.  The fronts of the coins will remain the same.  The first coin will be released on February 12, 2009.  Other designs will be released each 10 weeks.

The images below and their descriptions were downloaded from the United States Mint's Online Pressroom.
Clicking on each image will make it larger!

Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky Reverse
This reverse features a log cabin that
represents Lincoln’s humble beginnings in Kentucky.

Formative Years in Indiana Reverse
This reverse depicts a young Lincoln educating himself
while working as a rail splitter in Indiana.

Professional Life in Illinois Reverse
This reverse depicts the young professional
Abraham Lincoln in front of the State Capitol in Illinois.

Presidency in DC Reverse
It's the half finished United States Capitol dome.

Lincoln Cent - Memorial Reverse

The obverse bears the likeness of President Lincoln.
The reverse depicts the Lincoln Memorial in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.


Further information about the Lincoln cents and Coloring Pages for Kids:

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You Tube Video about the Lincoln Cent
Science Experiments
Cleaning Pennies - Miami Museum of Science
Teacher Guide - several solutions - acids vs bases

Cleaning Pennies

Variety of Experiments involving Pennies

APenny Circulation Problem Page
designed with Homestead
You Tube Video -
Name All the Presidents in two minutes
by Daniel Leary
Words to the YouTube (Posted with permission)

Used at the 2009 Annual State of the School Presentation

Microsoft Word Documents
Four page booklet for Students

Heads or Tails Directions

Cleaning Pennies Experiment Sheet    Center Directions

Penny Dates   Dates Poster

Penny StackingStacking Results Poster  Avery Stickers for Poster

Tic Tac Toe
Penny Images for the X and O
- Child created questions about Lincoln's life and the Penny
(No copy of right now)
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Grade 2 Pictures of Abraham Lincoln