September 8: Miss Miller found the caterpillar of a Black Swallowtail Butterfly on her parsley plant.  Second grade watched the caterpillar grow and form a chrysalis.

Late September: 
The chrysalis was put
outside at Miss Miller's
house because the butterfly
won't emerge until spring.
Butterfly Update 2005!
The butterflies were released on Tuesday, September 27.  The first grade butterflies took off together in a group.  Our lone second grade butterfly decided to stay in the tree outside school for a little while.  Can you spot him?  He's almost camouflaged!                                  
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October 12
The butterflies were unsuccessful this year.  Mrs. Follis, Miss Miller, and Mrs. Teresi can not explain why the caterpillars decided not to eat.  We think it might be the milkweed.
Butterfly Study 2007

September 11
The Monarch caterpillars arrived at St. Thomas.   This one is 1 centimeter long.

September 18
They are growing!

Second Grade Butterfly Study

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Butterfly Study 2008
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Friday, September 5
Eleven Monarch caterpillars arrived at St. Thomas.  Miss Miller and Mrs. Follis put six in the first grade and five in the second grade.
The largest caterpillar is about the size of Miss Miller's thumb nail.  It's about 1 1/2 centimeters long.
We participated in Journey North's Symbolic Migration Project by mailing paper "Ambassador" butterflies to Mexico and receiving some back in the spring.  On the back of each butterfly a message of goodwill is written in Spanish. We will receive a return "cluster" of butterflies in May!

Here's a map of participating schools:
Monday, September 15
Look where we found first grade's missing caterpillar!  It escaped the cage and formed its chyrsalis under the front table.
Wednesday, September 24
Our butterfly emerged!  We released it in the Mary Garden at school on September 29th.
Wednesday, September 17
One 2nd grade Monarch caterpillar has created a chrysalis.
Butterfly Study 2010
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