Online Project:  A Room With A View 2008-2009
This year we will be participating in an international year long online project for students in Pre-K to Gr. 6 called "A Room With a View."  This project is an opportunity to practice our writing skills while improving our technology skills and learning about other classes across the country!

* Each month we will take an outside photo of our school. 
* Then we will write descriptive paragraphs about what we see. (Date, time of day, weather, and temperature will also be included!)
* Our pictures and paragraphs each month will be shared online here.
* You can visit the project window gallery to see what other classrooms have observed.
* Other classrooms around the world will be able to view our work!
*  This project is Sponsored by JenuineTech Projects & Jennifer Wagner.

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Online Project:  A Room With A View 2009 - 2010
This year fourteen international classrooms will join together to learn about each other online through the exchange of photographs and e-mails.

Visit the WIKI to see the photographs of the participating classrooms.

Participating Classrooms
Mrs Lowe - Oberthur Primary School  Bullcreek Australia

Mrs. Vittorio  - Kerrimuir Primary School - Victoria, Australia

Mrs. Betteridge - Grade 3 Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Mrs. Costin - Ashbrooke House School - North Somerset, England, UK

Mrs. MacKenzie - Lairdsland Primary School, Kirkintilloch, Scotland , UK
Miss Harvey  - Lairdsland Primary School, Kirkintilloch, Scotland , UK

Mrs. Parfect - Millersneuk Primary School - Lenzie, Scotland, UK

Ms. Keller - Newhall Elementary School - California, USA

Mrs. Wells - Jefferson West Intermediate School   - Kansas, USA

Ms. Townsley - Owasso 6th Grade Center - Owasso, Oklahoma, USA

Mrs. Bordner - Blaney Elementary School - South Carolina, USA ,

Mrs. Tisdale  - Chester Park Center of Literacy Through Technology, - South Carolina, USA

Mrs. Erickson - Warner Elementary School - South Dakota, USA

Miss Miller - St. Thomas the Apostle School, New York, USA

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Front of School - The Mary Garden
Front St. Thomas the Apostle
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