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This page was last updated: November 26, 2016
Suzy Kline
Suzy Kline is the author of the Horrible Harry Series
Her Home Page:

Matthew McElligott
Author of many children's books including:

His Website:

Pirate Radio - 5 minute stories to listen to

Mr. McElligott visited St. Thomas the Apostle
- September 2008.

Dr. Seuss
Birthday - March 2, 1904
Miss Miller's PageRewrite of If I Ran the ZooRewrite And to Think I Saw it

Maurice Sendak
Where the Wild Things Are
Birthday -
National Geographic Explorer
- Frightful Animals Game

- Magazine article:  "Frightful Animals" is available in
the classroom

- Other National Geographic Links

Authors Second Graders Read and Study
New Book Coming Soon!
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