What are some things you might study in Third Grade?

Language Arts



Life Science in New York 
Plants - main parts, grouping plants      
Animals - grouping animals, animals grow and change, animal adaptations
Where Plants and Animals Live - ecosystems

Earth Science in New York
Water - importance of water, changing forms of water
Weather - weather patterns
Rocks and Soil - formation of rocks, minerals, importance of soil
Changes in the Earth - Inside the Earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, erosion
Natural Resources

Physical Science     
Matter - properties of, changes in matter,  
Forces and Motion - Simple Machines
Energy - heat, light, electricity
Sound - causes of sound, sound travels

Space and Technology in New York
Patterns in the Sky - daily, yearly, the moon, constellations
The Solar System
Science in Our Lives - technology

Social Studies
Living in Communities
Looking Back to the Past - Native Americans       Jamestown               San Antonio
Building a Government -    Our New Country        Washington, D.C.    Citizens  
Communities on the Move
Working Together -      Work and Money        Producing Goods  

Other Links
United StatesFamous Americans New York State

Summer Reads:  students and families can download short books to read.  Each book has a few comprehension questions at the end.  Students entering our grade 3 could choose either the third or fourth grade leveled books.