What I need done:

As little or as much as you want!  :-)


I'll send you one or two Flat People on journals. (Your choice how many.)  Inside the journal are entries about what my students have been doing at school or at home.  Students who have parental permission also have digital photos inside.  (Some parents don't allow photographs.)


What you do - Read the journal entries to your class and pretend that the Flat Person is visiting.  You or a student write at least 2 entries and then illustrate.  Digital photographs of your classroom or activities are great but not critical.  We'd love a souvenir such as a postcard or something special about your state, your school, or your class.  For example, I just mailed back a Flat Stanley to another class and sent our school Talent Show Program.  On the other hand, many schools don't send back a souvenir.


How long is the visit?  Approximately 2 weeks.  If school vacations or snow days become involved you might need longer.  I tell my class 3-4 weeks so that don't pester me about "when's it coming back!"