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A Presidential Poem By Daniel Leary

Washington’s city, a capital tale Second was Adams. The navy set sail Jefferson purchased but not form a store In 1812 Madison waged our first war Monroe made a compromise, slaves in Missouri Then a bargain corrupt. Adams out in
a hurry War hero Jackson, a trail full of tears Van Buren, his  protégé out in 4 years. Harrison died after 31 days Tyler, his vice, gave the Whigs a malaise The Pacific is reached! Polk’s expansion was steady. Then, Taylor was nicknamed as “Ol’ Rough and Ready” Post mortem was Fillmore who’s known as “Forgettable”
Kansas-Nebraska was Pierce most regrettable. Next was Buchanan, considered a dandy. Freedom was Lincoln’s modus operandi. But after his death Johnson failed to persist It was Grant who did most as reconstruction-ist. Hayes left the South to Civilian Rule Garfield was shot by a job seeking fool.  Arthur reformed civil service corruption Cleveland served two terms with one interruption
Grandson Ben Harrison POTUS centennial Back again Cleveland our
only perennial. Spain gave McKinley a battle royale Then Teddy Bear
Roosevelt built a canal. His handpicked successor was heavy-set
Taft Then Wilson established the first World Warcraft Harding faced
scandals although they’re refuted We kept cool with Coolidge who
kept mostly muted. Depression did Hoover his fate surely seal Then
infamous Roosevelt wheeled the New Deal The buck stopped at Truman,
a nuclear power The Ike that we liked was D Eisenhower Kennedy’s
murder unraveled the nation Nam conquered Johnson, but not
segregation. Nixon resigned over Watergate shame After which Ford
did a pardon proclaim Peace between Israel and Egypt was Carter An
actor gave new Reagan-omics a charter We read Bush’s lips when they
said “No new Tax” And Clinton was cool but he had too much sax
Bush’s son, Dubya, a giant calamity So come on Obama! Bring back
global amity.