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Science:  Matter Experiment



        No two liquids are the same.  Have you ever wondered why cream floats on top of milk, or why salad dressing separates into different layers?  And did you know that some objects will sink in water but float on another liquid?  In this experiment you can find out some fascinating things about different liquids and create a colorful liquid cocktail at the same time.


You will need:

spoon        large container



honey        water colored with food coloring          vegetable oil


Things to Float

small metal objects      dried pasta         plastic toys         fruit


1.  Carefully pour honey into the container over the back of the spoon, until the container is a quarter full.


2.  Slowly pour the same amount of vegetable oil into the container.  Then add the same amount of colored water.


3.  Wait until the layers have settled into layers.


Draw and label what you see.



4.  Gently drop different objects into the container, to see what floats.


Draw and label what you see.
















Write about your discoveries.