An Examination of Conscience


            Before we celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation, we think about the Ten Commandments.  We ask ourselves how well we have followed each one.  This is called an examination of conscience.


God's Laws                                       My Actions


  1.  Believe that there is only one God.

                                    Do I believe in God and love God with all my heart?

  2.  Respect the name of God.

                                    Do I use the names of God, Jesus, Mary and the saints with respect?

  3.  Go to Mass on Sunday.

                                    Do I celebrate Mass every Sunday?

  4.  Respect your father and mother.

                                    Do I respect and obey my parents?

  5.  Take care of all that God has made.

                                    Do I treat all God's creatures, especially people, with respect?

  6.  Treat your body as a gift from God.

                                    Do I take good care of my body and respect the bodies of others?

  7.  Respect the property of others.

                                    Have I taken something that belongs to someone else?

  8.  Always tell the truth.

                                    Do I sometimes lie?

  9.  Respect the families of others.

                                    Do I treat other families with respect?

10.  Be content with what you have.

                                    Am I ever jealous or greedy?