Betsy Bear's Travels 2008 - 2009
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Betsy Bears's Itinerary
What are her travel plans?
September 2008 - May 2009

September 27:
Betsy Bear left St. Thomas the Apostle to travel from Delmar, NY and  to West Palm Beach, Florida. Her trip was 1367 miles; that would  take about 22 hours to drive. - that's almost a full day and night!  She arrived on October 1st.
Mrs. Buonamano's Bulldog, Chester will visit us in April.

Lori Buonamano
Benoist Farms Elementary
1765 Benoist Farms Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

October 31:
Betsy leaves West Palm Beach, Florida to visit Dothan, Alabama. She will only travel about 519 miles, which is about 8 hours to drive.
Cloverdale Elementary is the home of Fluffy Rabbit.  Fluffy will visit  St. Thomas in March.
Mrs. Amy Braswell, Kindergarten
Cloverdale Elementary
303 Rollins Avenue
Dothan, AL 36301    

November 21:
From Dothan, Alabama to  Napoleonville, Louisiana Betsy will travel 416 miles - that would take about 7 hours to drive.
Napoleonville Primary School is the home of Joey Kangaroo and Roo. We'll see Joey and Roo in February.

Shelly Ledet
Napoleonville Primary School
185 Hwy 1008
Napoleonville, Louisiana 70390

December 15:
From Napoleonville, Louisiana to Joplin, Missouri  she will travel 683 miles - that would take about 12 hours to drive.  She'll probably spend Christmas at the post office and be waiting for Mrs. Moore's class to start the New Year! 
Mrs. Moore's Sparky the Dog will visit us in  December and January.
Susan Moore, Kindergarten
Irving Elementary
311 Gabby St. Blvd.
Joplin, MO 64804

January 30:
From Joplin, Missouri to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Betsy will only travel 221 miles.  It would take about 3 hours to drive; how many days do you think it will take him to be mailed?
The Sooner Elementary Buddy, XXX, will visit us for a short time in December.

Ms. Kara Chancellor, Kindergarten
Sooner Elementary
5420 S.E. 89th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73135
February 27:
Betsy's next stop is Layton, Utah.  From Oklahoma City to Layton she travels XXX miles.  It would take about XX hours to drive; how many days do you think it will take her to be mailed?  Morris the Moose arrived at St. Thomas on November 10th.  There's two moose!

Suzanne Porter, First Grade
Sand Springs Elementary
242 North 3200 West
Layton, UT  84041
     Morris went to Thanksgiving
     dinner at Miss Miller's house!

March 27:
From Layton, Utah to Slater, Missouri   Oklahoma City, OK to Slater, Missouri Betsy will travel 455 miles, only about 7 hours to drive. 
Herber Hunt Elementary is the home of Fred the Frog.  Fred visits St. Thomas in October.
Terri Brown, Fifth Grade
Herber Hunt Elementary
600 S. Warren
Sedalia, MO 65301
April 24:
It's time for Betsy to head home!  From Slater, MO to Delmar, NYFrom Napoleonville, Louisiana to Delmar, NY Betsy will travel the farthest yet; about 1504 miles to reach us.   If you rode in a car, it would take about 23 1/2 hours to drive!  You'd be travelling nonstop for a full day and night!

When she returns to us Betsy Bear will have travelled at least 6,275 miles total while visiting 7 schools!  We will not have seen her for 8 months!  She'll have lots of adventures to share with us!

Betsy Bear's Travel Log
August 2008  Miss Miller found USA the Beanie Bear in a little store in York Beach, Maine.  USA's name was changed to Betsy because Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.  Betsy spent two weeks in York Beach, Maine at the ocean with Miss Miller's family.  She enjoyed playing in the sand with her friends Curious George and E Pluribus Unum the Eagle.  They all helped Miss Miller and her father make a sand castle.    A little girl named Madison, from Florida, came over to join in the fun!  She brought her Little Mermaid. (Another little girl came to see what we'd created!)

Here are her travel photographs.  If you "click" on them, they become larger!

8/14/08  Our sandcastle photographs!

Madison adds the flag!                                         
                                The last one is  from later that day.      
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The caterpillars came in a jar with holes on top.  They had milkweed leaves to eat and a coffee filter to crawl on.
Waiting in the chair until the 2nd grade returns on Monday!
September 3rd and 4th
Betsy Bear went to St. Thomas the Apostle and sat on the window sill next to Miss Miller's bookcase with Curious George and E Pluribus Unum while second grade got settled into their new classroom.

September 5th
Betsy Bear met the children today!  She also met 11 Monarch caterpillars that arrived after lunch.  The largest is about the size of Miss Miller's thumb nail or about 1 1/2 centimeters in length.  Betsy Bear will be in Florida when the caterpillars become butterflies.
This is Howard, the MO buddy from last year!
Joey and Roos were with us for Halloween last year.
Some Buddy Photographs from 2007 - 2008
Elizabeth Griscom was a real person!  She was born
January 1, 1752.  Her nickname was Betsy.  She married John Ross.  Many people
believe that she designed
this flag.

   Photo from
Short Story about Betsy Ross and the American Flag

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Facts for Older Readers  (Source of the picture above)

September 26
Betsy's last day in New York was the day of our O.R.E.O. project.  Betsy supervised the stacking of cookies.
September 27
Betsy Bear was dropped off at the post office in Clarksville, New York today.  She's travelling with a book about New York and a biography of Betsy Ross.  She packed them in her backpack with her journal. 
Her backpack has some souveniers pins already: 
a lighthouse from Maine and the New York State
flag. It was a rainy morning so Miss Miller packed
her in a red sleeping bag to keep her warm on her
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September 18th           September 25th
One caterpillarformed                           The butterfly emerged today.
into a chrysalis today                             E Pluribus Unum kept watch.
Chester visited us last year.
Sparky needed to inspect the birthday treat!
Chester went outside at Miss Miller's house.