Skye, An American Eagle 2007-2008

August 2007 - Curious George, Tommee the Tiger,
and Skye the American Eagle spent the summer
getting acquainted.  They travelled with Miss Miller
to York Beach, Maine in August!  They helped her
make a sand castle and met a new friend, Madison
visiting Maine from Florida!
International Travel Buddies
*Skye, An American Eagle 2007-2008
*Lucky Lizard from Australia 2007-2008
*E Pluribus Unum, An American Eagle 2008-2009
*Sally the Music Monkey from Australia 2008
Angus and Hamish - Bears from Scotland 2009-2010

Why participate?
The projects are exciting and fun!
They help us learn our geography and improve our communication skills!
International friendships help us to understand and appreciate all of God's creation.
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Our American Eagle, Skye went to Australia.
September 2007:  A Primary Teacher at St. James Lutheran Primary School in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia sent us her Lucky the Lizard.   We sent Skye to her class on Saturday, September 29!  Skye returned to us in December with a journal full of entries!

St. James Lutheran Church, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

Lucky Lizard's Visit
Lucky arrived at St. Thomas on September 21, 2007.  He stayed with us until November.

He met our Tommee Tiger before
Tommee left on his yearlong trip around                                                             the United States.

Lucky tried on Monty's
football helmet!
   Second grade made applesauce while Lucky 
                                       was visiting us.  Students weighed and
measured the apples before peeling and
cutting them.  We wrote our observations
about how the apples changed from solid to
liquid and even gas.
*E Pluribus Unum, An American Eagle 2008-2009
August 2008 - A new Curious George, Betsy Bear,
and Unum the American Eagle met in York Beach,
Maine and became friends.  They had a chance to
make a sand castle with Madison who was again
visiting from Florida!  Can you find Madison's
Little Mermaid?

September 3rd and 4th
E Pluribus Unum went to St. Thomas the Apostle and sat on the window sill next to Miss Miller's bookcase with Curious George and Betsy Bear while second grade got settled into their new classroom.

September 5th
E Pluribus Unum met the children today!  They don't want to nickname him Unum but want to use his whole name!  He also met 11 Monarch caterpillars that arrived after lunch.  The largest is about the size of Miss Miller's thumb nail or about 1 1/2 centimeters in length. 
The caterpillars came in a jar with holes on top.  They had milkweed leaves to eat and a coffee filter to crawl on.
Here he is waiting in the rocking chair for second grade to come back on Monday!  He's 
with his friends again.
October - December 2008
E Pluribus Unum Visited Australia
October 4, 2008
E Pluribus Unum left New York today on his journey to Werribee Victoria, Australia.  He will be staying at the Westgrove Primary School under the supervision of Mr. Lindsay Paterson, the music teacher.

October 8, 2008
E Pluribus Unum arrived safely at Mr. Paterson's house.  EPU will visit with Mrs. Carruther's second grade class for the next two weeks and then stay in Mr. Paterson's classroom.

Two of his Australian Entries:

9/22 The caterpillar formed its chrysalis. 

9/28 The monarch butterfly emerged!
9/22 Buzzy Bee is visiting from Georgia.  The three travel buddies are inspecting math workbooks
*Sally the Music Monkey 2008-2009
September 2008 - Sally is a travel buddy that belongs to Mr. Lindsay Paterson.  Mr. Paterson teaches music to prep to grade 6 at Westgrove Primary School in Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

Mr. Paterson recommends these interesting “ Melbourne ” sites…..
“City of Melbourne – History and Heritage”

“ Melbourne ’s Tram History”

Westgrove's school website is under reconstruction but can still be viewed at

WikiMapia: Australia

September 26, 2008
Sally took part in the Aust. Football League “Grand Final Parade” with Mr. Paterson.  Here is a picture of her with Hawka,
the Hawthorn mascot. 

September 30 Sally left Australia and is headed
to Delmar, New York.

October 6:  Sally arrived at St. Thomas the
                                                10/8  Sally was with us with while we
   created our OREO creme sculptures.
                                                For more information about the OREO
                                                activities visit our OREO page.
Other Projects
*Hamish and Angus - Bears from Scotland 2009-2010
Miss Miller's class sent two American Eagles named E Pluribus Unum and Douglas to Mrs. Parfect's Class in Scotland.  Their class sent two Scottish Piper Bears named Hamish and Angus to us.  This exchange lasted the majority of the school year.