Curious George's Itinerary
What is his travel plan for 2009 - 2010??

On September 18 Curious George leaves Delmar, New York to go to Paducah, Kentucky  He will travel about 1036 miles - that would take about 16 hours to drive!  Mrs. Faughn's  buddy, _______,  will visit St. Thomas in March.

Mrs. Faughn, Kindergarten
Concord Elementary School
5184 Hinkleville Rd.
Paducah, KY  42001

On October 16  George goes from Paducah, KY to  Centralia, Illinois. He'll travel  120 miles - that would take only 2 hours to drive!  He should be in Illinois for Halloween.  Their buddy, Jake the Duck will visit us in February.

Mrs. Michelle Reynolds Second Grade
     Schiller School
800 W. 4th St.
Centralia, IL  62801

On November 13 he leaves Centralia, IL to travel to Minot, North Dakota.  Curious George will travel 1131 miles - that would take over 17 hours to drive!  He will celebrate Christmas in North Dakota.  Dakota will visit us in March.

Miss Colleen Gregory's First Grade
Washington Elementary
600 17th Ave. SE
Minot, ND 58701

On December 11 he leaves Minot, ND to travel to Temecula, California.  Curious George will travel another 1706 miles - that would be about a 25 hour drive. Cali the Bear lives in California.  She'll visit us in December while George is in California!!  We hope they arrive in time for Christmas break.
Mrs. Vicky Moore, 2nd grade
Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School
32400 Camino San Dimas
Temecula, CA 92592

January 15 he leaves Temecula, California and heads to Natchez, Mississippi
He will travel 1777 miles - that would take about 26 hours or 2 full days to drive!  W.T. Deer from Mrs. Green's class will visit us for Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Green, Second Grade
Frazier Primary School
1445 George F. West Sr. Blvd.
Natchez, MS  39120
February 12 Curious George goes from Natchez, MS to Decator, Alabama.  This time he will travel 442 miles - that would only take about 6 1/2 hours to drive.  Priceville Elementary is the home of Fred.  Fred visited St. Thomas October 19 - November 13.
Mrs. Bonnie Bradford, 1st Grade
Priceville Elementary
438 Cave Springs Road
Decator, AL  35603
On March 12 Curious George will leave Decatur, Alabama and make one last stop in Thomson, Georgia. This time he only will travel 339 miles - that would only take 5 hours to drive.  He'll be in Georgia while we're on Spring Break. Mrs. Morlan's room is the home of Buzzy Bee.   Buzzy Bee  was our first visitor in September.  He left us October 16th.
Becky Morlan, Kindergarten    
J.A. Maxwell Elementary School 
520 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Thomson, Georgia 30824
On April 9 Curious George leaves Thomson, GA to return to Delmar, NY.   For this final trip, he'll travel 958 miles - that would  take about 15 hours to drive.  When he returns to us he'll have lots of adventures to share!

He will have traveled a total of at least 74917 miles to other schools in about 8 months!

The Original Curious George's Travel Log
The original Curious George travelled during the 2007 - 2008 school year.  Unfortunately he never returned to us.
Mrs. Morlan, Kindergarten,  J.A. Maxwell Elementary School  , Thomson, Georgia
Mrs. Hofsetter,  Frontier Elementary,  Clearwater, Florida
Mrs. Easley  Kindergarten,  Gay Avenue Primary School , Gladewater, Texas
Mrs. Farriell, 1st Grade , Sequoyah Elementary School ,  Shawnee, Oklahoma
Mrs. Smith, Kindergarten,  Lone Oak Elementary School, Paducah, Kentucky
**Mrs.  Moore, 2nd grade, Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School, Temecula, California
**Miss Gregory,  1st Grade, Washington Elementary, Minot, North Dakota
**Mrs. Welch, Kindergarten, West Point Elementary, West Point, Ohio
**George never made it to these schools; he was lost after being mailed to Kentucky

The New Curious George's Travel Log
August 2008  Miss Miller found a new Curious George at the Little Book House at Stuyvesant Plaza, Guilderland, NY.  Curious George hopped in the car, ready to go to Maine!  Curious George spent two weeks in York Beach, Maine at the ocean with Miss Miller's family.   Tommee Tiger and Skye the American Eagle, the travel buddies from last year, came along for the ride!

He enjoyed playing in the sand with his new friends Betsy
Bear and E Pluribus Unum the Eagle.  They all helped Miss
Miller and her father make a sand castle.    A little girl
named Madison, from Florida, came over to join in the fun!  She brought her Little Mermaid. (Another little girl came to see what we'd created!)

Here are his travel photographs.  If you "click" on them, they become larger!
Cali helped Sparky
with cupcake inspection!
Curious George's Travels

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8/14/08  Our sandcastle photographs!

Madison adds the flag!                                         
                                The last one is  from later that day.      
September 3rd and 4th
Curious George sat on the window sill next to Miss Miller's bookcase with Betsy Bear and E Pluribus Unum while second grade got settled into their new classroom.

September 5th
Curious George met the children today!  He also met 11 Monarch caterpillars that arrived after lunch.  The largest is about the size of Miss Miller's thumb nail or about 1 1/2 centimeters in length.  George will be in Michigan when the caterpillars become butterflies.

2008-2009 – Our Second Curious George
Mrs. Briggs,  First Grade, North Pennfield Elementary, Battle Creek, Michigan
Mrs.  Michelle Reynolds,  Second Grade, Schiller School, Centralia, Illinois
Miss Gregory, 1st Grade, Washington Elementary, Minot, North Dakota
Mrs. Moore, 2nd grade, Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School, Temecula, California
Mrs. Green, 2nd Grade, Frazier Primary School, Natchez, Mississippi
Mrs. Hofsetter, Frontier Elementary, Clearwater, Florida
Mrs. Morlan, Kindergarten, J.A. Maxwell Elementary School, Thomson, Georgia

The caterpillars came in a jar with holes on top.  They had milkweed leaves to eat and a coffee filter to crawl on.
Waiting in the chair until the 2nd grade returns on Monday!