Social Studies - Grade 2

Communities in the Past:
2007 Unit Plan
Making Butter
In the Past
Just for fun Today!
Michigan Historical Museum - Page for Kids,1607,7-163-15941_35357---,00.html
Making Butter:  Ask a Scientist

Jamestown - National Geographic Explorer May 2007 Issue
Read online or ask Miss Miller for the magazine

Plimoth Plantation Site - Homework Help
Historical Essays for Kids
Mayflower and the Mayflower Compact
Who Were the Pilgrims?        Who Are the Wampanoag?Thanksgiving                           Growing Food
Building a Home                     What to Wear?    Playing and Learning
What’s for Dinner?    Animals                                     A Child’s Role
Sarah Morton

Scholastic - The First Thanksgiving
Includes Virtual Trips

Mayflower History Site